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Owned by : Ranjeetha and Gladys
Age : 15
E-mail : Country : Singapore
Collection: ONLY MEET UPS
- location: Tiong Bahru MRT station ticket booth(negotiable)
- Days : Saturday and Sunday
- Time: 8am to 7pm

How To Order

What we offer

- Accessories
- Bags
- Books
- clothes
- Soft Toys
- Seashells
- Miscellaneous


drop a request here along with your email address and we'll get back to you asap.


pls leave us a comment before you leave!

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- Serenity Nature
- Accessories
- Bags
- Soft Toys
- Seashells
- Miscellaneous



Sep 3, 2010
Nov 25, 2010
Dec 11, 2010


hello people!

on this wonderful day, | I N T O X I C A T I O N | brings you a new section - BAGS!! i bet this new section will be a hit for the ladies and maybe guys, who are buying prestsents for your precious ones.

currently we only have a few, but soon we will have tons and you definitely will become intoxicated!




From today onwards, intoxication will be reduced to only having five sections comprimising of Accessories, Books , Soft toys, Miccellaneous and a newly opened section - Seashells.The other sections like clothes, footwear, toys and stationaries will go into miscellaneous.

We have a new banner!

Products highlight

1. the newly opened section - seashells.
- comprismise of seashells of different sizes and shapes. i'm not really sure if they're real or fake but most robaly are fake though. nevertheless, pplease head down to seashells to have a look at our amazing collection of seashells.

2. Jacket.

- we have just got this new jacket which is black in colour with different coloured stars on it . price will be $30. i'm sure that it is a good bargain for all.

3. Books

- under the books section , we have quite a number of books for children of age 3 - 7. mostly consist of one line per page and are for sale at $1 each with a buy ten and get one free offer.

note that they are second-hand (In Good Condition) but this should not deter customers as children quickly matures and why waste money to buy more expensive but new books if you are going to throw them after a year or two?

4. Lastly for the Christmas special

- under Accessories we present you with piglet, tiger and eeyore keychain officially from disneyland for $3 each only.

- we will be giving away Garnier Nutrisse Cream set consisting of a mirror, brush and comb to the first two customers who purchases $10 and more at Intoxication.

Thank you and we hope to see you soon.



Welcome to | I N T O X I C A T I O N | , a newly founded blogshop here to fulfill your heart desires.
We currently has eight sectors, which are :

| I N T O X I C A T I O N | aims to provide customers with the things they seek for. therefore we have a REQUEST section at the side, where customers can drop they're wishes there with their email address and we'll try to fulfill them, replying back to the customers as soon as possible.

We are currently only conducting meet ups strictly limited to Singapore and only accepting cash. the location will be at Tiong Bahru MRT station ticket booth on Saturdays and Sundays, from 9am to 6pm. However the location, time and day are negotiable.

To place an order, please email to us containing the item name, code and the specific time and date of collection. we will send you a confirmation email in return. visit How To Order for more information.

Lastly, please drop a comment before leaving so that we will be able to provide you with the best services.

You can contact us at or via facebook -

Thank You.

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